Established in 2000, ACES is now one of the leading companies upgrading compressors in the UK. When a compressor fails, you need quick solutions, such as ACES can offer better than anyone else. The result is a compressor with the reliability and performance of a new compressor that will last you for years – at a fraction of the cost!. The company is registered to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, registered supplier of RISQS, also holds accreditation from the prestigious English program SAFE CONTRACTOR, a program which recognizes very high standards of health and safety practice.

Except in England, ACES company operates successfully in the markets of Germany, France, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa and others. In 2013 ACES opens office in Bulgaria, adding it to the many places that delivers reconditioned compressors. The number of companies that trusted us and took advantage of our services is racing. These are prosperous companies, such as "Boni Holding" JSC, 5-th star hotel "Marinella", "Balkanpharma - Razgrad" AD, "Codap" Ltd. "Cremio" AD, "Somat" AD and others.

We are proud of a well done job, and that means any job we started. Satisfied clients have always been the most convincing our advertising and their requirements are rising every day. The ability to spread the recycling process, our precision, thoroughness and speed, make us a preferred partner. We became the largest in this field, because we are the best.

request for specific model compressor;

preparing a bid, including transportation costs;

signing the contract;

advance payment;

delivery of remanufactured compressor, the same model as yours and taking the broken one;

плащане на останалата сума.

We are ready to replace immediately failed compressor, remanufactured compressor is available in the warehouse of the factory. If we don't have same as your model, we'll take your, remanufacture it and return it within 30 days. All sales are on exchange bases and with a full 12-month warranty.